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The AG Law Firm is a Traffic Ticket & Personal Injury Defense Firm which focuses on the representation of motorists who have been charged with traffic citations or personal injury. Whether the alleged offense is a simple speeding ticket or something as serious as a DUI, the AG Law Firm will always be at your side, diligently fighting for your rights! While many traffic ticket lawyers employ a “fast food” approach to fighting tickets, the AG Law Firm looks at every case individually and designs a specialized defense with one goal in mind: complete dismissal. Aside from our aggressive representation, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. You will have a direct line to our attorney and will be able to communicate with him directly via phone, email or text message. At the AG Law Firm, we look forward to forging a wonderful attorney-client relationship with you. Text us your ticket or case information to (305) 778-7113 to begin the process!

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